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Countryside Pictures

Countryside Pictures

Every town dweller at some time during their lives will yearn for an escape to the great outdoors, to explore our wonderful British countryside and learn how country folk live and work in rural locations.

Cachet specialise in the countryside with their diverse range of traditional rural countryside pictures, from farming to fox hunting, farmyard to stable yard, shepherding to shooting, horses to hounds and many more. We have a number of artists who have an affinity with the countryside, each with their individual styles, interpreting the subject matter to produce wonderful rural countryside pictures

Life in the countryside has changed considerably over the years, modern and hi-tech farming machinery has taken over from horse power, quad bikes have replaced the relentless trudge of shepherding, and farm shops have sprung up throughout Britain to compensate for losses in other areas of farming and agriculture.

At Cachet, because of our strong association with traditional art combined with our knowledge of country life, we are able to market a wide range of rural countryside pictures using the skills of our artists specialising in their chosen field of art.

We have used a great number of our rural countryside pictures to produce a complementary range of greeting cards, which include not only farming, but also

country sports images

such as hunting, fishing, shooting, horse racing and many more.

All of our rural countryside pictures are available as print, mounted or framed to suit and are available to view and purchase on-line.