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Game Shooting Pictures

Game Shooting Pictures

Anything to do with shooting and guns in todays world is considered controversial. Unfortunately this has had an impact on a number of recreational sports like hunting and shooting. Despite this controversy, there are thousands of people in the UK who are involved with country sports in particular shooting, which is extremely popular in the countryside.

Cachet have always produced traditional country pictures related to all things appertaining to the rural community, and it seemed a natural progression for us to produce game shooting pictures for the many numbers of enthusiasts.

We have a number of prints available, which, whilst they are not all specifically game shooting pictures, show shooters with their dogs preparing for a days’ shoot, others show working dogs retrieving game. Interestingly, one of our images by Kevin Walsh called Home from the Shoot despite its controversial nature has been one of the most popular game shooting pictures in our whole portfolio.

These images make perfect gifts for those who participate in country sport and there are a range of game shooting pictures by Brian Tovey which capture the very essence of the shoot, either preparing, in action, or returning after a successful days’ shoot. In addition Adrian Smarts images of gun dogs retrieving game are high quality limited edition giclee prints signed by the artist.

A number of our game shooting pictures are also available as a greeting cards and can be purchased from one of our many stockists or on-line.

Some of our artists are available to do commissions and if you have a particular photo or photos from a day out shooting, which you would like as a painting, please contact us as we can provide you with the information required to produce a game shooting pictures.

If you are a trade customer and would like to stock our game shooting pictures, please contact us.