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Farming pictures

Farming pictures

Our images of farming pictures and prints originate mainly from the following artists:-

Brian Tovey, located in Central England, captures country-life in his paintings of both traditional and modern day farming pictures and prints. Graham Chambers specialises in traditional farming scenes depicting landrovers and tractors in a typical working environment. Country artist Kevin Walsh is well-known for his detailed nostalgic images portraying the good old days in pre war Britain as well as farming pictures and prints. Established artists Geoff Rollinson and Ron Ablewhite also contribute to our range with images of farm animals in traditional farm settings.

Many of these farming pictures and prints illustrate tractors such as the Grey Fergie, Standard Fordson, John Deere and others together with associated agricultural machinery. Landrovers Series I and II are also predominant as part of our rural culture. The border collie features significantly in a number of our images, this breed still the most popular for rounding up and guarding sheep as well as being a life-long companion. This unique range of farming pictures and prints captures country-life at its best, emphasising a way of life which is fast disappearing in our modern world.

A number of our farming pictures and prints are available as greeting cards, and can be purchased on-line from this website or from one of our many stockists in the UK. Prints are a mixture of limited and open editions.

Cachet's farming pictures and prints are available as print, mounted or framed. The artists name, print title, size of image and prices are all available for each product listed. Frames and mounts are manufactured from high quality recyclable materials and selected to complement each image.

We are constantly on the lookout for new artwork to add to our existing range of farming pictures and prints