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Pencil Pictures of Dogs

Pencil Pictures of Dogs

Of all the medium used in art today, one of the most painstaking and difficult tools to use is probably graphite - the humble pencil.

There are only a few artists who are truly creative with pencil and Mike Sibley is undoubtedly one of the best artists to produce dog art pencil pictures in the UK today. His attention to detail is second to none and every line is thought out before being committed to paper. He is so passionate about his work, that he has published a book on how to draw called 'Drawing from Line to Life'.

Mike has always specialised in dog art pencil pictures, his love of different dogs, - working dogs, gun dogs and the very best of breeds have always inspired him to draw. His highly successful canine head studies became the UK's best selling series of prints in the 1980's and maintain their popularity today.

Each and every one of Mikes dog art pencil pictures have caught the peoples' attention to their own adored dogs - oh that's just like my Sam or Joe etc.!

There are over fifty canine head studies available, however Mike has also produced some wonderful limited edition dog art pencil pictures, some of the larger images take over 700 hours to complete.

The range of prints includes the popular Border and Bearded collies, together with working dogs like Springer spaniels, Weimaraners and Irish water spaniels. Mikes work ranges from the wonderful, huge Newfoundlands, down to the diminutive Jack Russell, each image capturing the detail of the individual dog, the textures, light and shade.

Cachet UK Ltd are able to offer the complete range of Mikes dog art pencil pictures which are available as print only, mounted or framed. Each comes with its own certificate of authenticity.

We are fortunate to have another pencil artist in our stable of artists who was initially inspired by Mike Sibley, and produces wonderful dog art pencil pictures with tremendous detail and precision. Simon Eardley, who draws in his spare time when he's not fire-fighting in the local fire brigade, also has the ability to create textures and shades and he will surely be hot on Mikes heels for fame and fortune!