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Birds of Prey Pictures

Birds of Prey Pictures

Rare, endangered, threatened - all these words relate to birds of prey from the feisty sparrow hawk to the magnificent golden eagle. These wonderful birds are often captured and persecuted by man, but there are others who are fascinated by them, and try to preserve them at all costs. There are those who “capture” birds of prey in a very different way, by using their artistic skills to create images of these birds in works of art.

One such artist is Michael Demain, whose love of nature inspired him to paint, and through his passion for raptors, he has created a wonderful portfolio of British birds of prey pictures.

Michael’s images capture not only the incredible details of plumage and colour, but they also epitomise the character and individuality of each bird. He has painted various breeds of owls; barn and tawny, hawks; goshawk and kestrel, falcons; gyre and peregrine and many, many more.

Cachet UK Ltd have a strong association with Michael’s work as it fits in well with their range of countryside and rural images and his British birds of prey pictures have earned him a position as one of Cachet’s most prominent and reputable artists . There are many people who admire his work so much, they have a number of his pictures in their homes.

We have a large portfolio of Michael’s work, as he paints many different species of birds, but to date, the most popular are his magnificent British birds of prey pictures. This in itself, provides hope that, despite the appalling desecration, there are obviously a great number of people who admire and respect these iconic birds .

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